Tuesday, December 21, 2010

By The Numbers

3--The number of appointments we had at the doctor's office today

45--The number of minutes the appointments were scheduled to go. Yeah right...

11--Total number of vaccines received by the 5 members of our family.

3--The number of nurses it took to administer said vaccines in addition to both parents.

8.75--The amount in pounds that Annika now weighs. (8lbs, 12oz)

21.5--Her length in inches

89--The percentile Lydia finds herself in for height, no wonder she keeps passing her 4 and 5 year old friends.

34.25--Lydia's weight in pounds, also in the upper 80's percentile wise.

3--The number of times Joshua made the doctor laugh out loud with his antics

1--The number of times he had to sit in time-out while their. Not a highlight.

2--The number of tears Joshua shed during his two shots. He's getting so grown up.

Multitudes--The amount of tears Lydia shed during three shots. She's our drama queen. In fact, she made such a scene that on the way home she told us she only had one shot because she was too worked up to notice the other two. Poor girl. :(

40--Joshua's weight in pounds, glad he's officially big enough for the booster seat he's been riding in since October. :)

105--The number of minutes our appointments really took.

Innumerable--The blessings of three happy, healthy kids!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cute Siblings

We're spending some time with parents while daddy's on a business trip. I'm behind on posting (again!) but with the newborn lifestyle, even when baby's sleeping there isn't much time for blogging.
So, for now, enjoy some new pictures. :)