Thursday, August 12, 2010

The After

We're finally done with all our rehab-ing of the house and it's officially on the market again.

We ended up being about 50% over our budget for the project, and 50% over the time we hoped us to take, but we feel a bit like house-flippers from an HGTV show at this point. We've pretty much re-worked every surface of the house in some fashion or another over the past three weeks.

We've did a bathroom re-model, a new roof, a new front door and shutters, re-worked landscaping, paint on every surface in the house, all new light fixtures inside and out, updated a lot in the kitchen, and a lot of touch-up and detail work besides.

We're official on the MLS today and our website is up and running. Check it out: If you know anyone in South Central Wisconsin looking for a house, let us know, we'd love for them to take a look.
You can see some "good" before pictures by heading back to this post or this one from last summer, though a lot of stuff was in much worse shape once the tenants got done with you can imagine.

Now we're back to the wait and see game, but at least we should be able to enjoy the last snippets of our summer without feeling guilt for every minute we're NOT working on the house. Thanks to everyone who helped us make everything happen in three weeks, whatever role you played, there's no way we could have done it without you!