Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Going Green

We're experiencing our first 70 degree day here in southern Wisconsin and hoping to soak up every minute of it! Joshua's busy trying to re-acclimate to the spring/summer weather and testing out what can and can't be done yet. So, every time we get ready to leave the house we're greeted with a firm assertion of "No coat Joshua." :-)

Our lawn has quickly gone from a very flattened "lovely" brown to beautiful spring green and it's growing with great speed. So, we decided it was time to mow already--much to Joshua's delight! We've had really poor luck with our lawnmowers the past couple of years, starting with a used self-propelled that the driving gear gave out on and purchasing a smaller/less-complicated one last year and having it stop working before the season was over last year. So, we decided since we're not very handy with engine repair that we'd do away with the engine on a mower entirely. Our big purchase this weekend was a reel lawnmower! So far we like it a lot. Our yard is fairly small and flat, so not having the assistance of the engine doesn't make a huge difference, and the mower being lighter helps to compensate for it. We're also getting more of a workout while mowing the lawn, which had to be done anyway. Also, we figure there aren't many parts, so we're less likely to have repairs and the initial price was much more pleasant. Finally, with gas nearing $3.50/gal. and lawnmowers being one of the least efficient engines in terms of emissions, it's also budget-pleasing and environmentally friendly. :-) Unfortunately, Joshua is no longer deterred by the loud noise the previous lawnmowers have made, so he now thinks we should mow every day. I guess we'll have a well maintained lawn if that keeps up!

We also had our first grill-out of the season last night, dinner with friends from Madison who relocated to Tennessee last year. It was so nice to re-connect with them and just spend the evening catching up and marveling at how much our kids have grown since we saw each other last. All went smoothly, except halfway through grilling the brats, our grill which was still going strong (albeit on last-years gas tank) decided to run out of gas. Of course it would choose the time when four hungry kids (and their equally hungry parents) were waiting anxiously! :-)

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Rebecca said...

Sounds great. We're loving the warm weather and grilled meals, too.