Monday, May 5, 2008

Big-Boy Bed and Cute Pics

Sorry I haven't posted in forever--it seems the past few weeks have been truly full of nothing but naps, cooking, diaper changes, and sometimes a trips to the grocery store. The things that take up nearly all your time, but not exactly the subject of exciting blog posts.

Well, there's still not much of note, but I figured I should post again anyway, and I did get some cute pictures over the weekend, so that makes it more noteworthy, I guess. Enjoy! :-)

Perhaps our biggest adventure has been a "big-boy" bed for Joshua. He's still happily sleeping in his crib and since we were given a 2nd one before Lydia was born there's really no rush. He hasn't tried climbing out and he still likes it. However, we'd rather let him do this transition on his own schedule and not have it forced on us when our monkey-like little man does realize he can climb (or fall) out.

So, this past weekend we got a toddler bed set up in his room, complete with an adorable quilt filled with trains and trucks (made for him by his great-grandma) which has been awaiting the arrival of a bed to use it on. He loves the bed--he just doesn't want to sleep in it. (We had anticipated this, so the crib is still in the room.) He told me at 10am this morning that it was sleepy time and proceeded to climb in, wrap himself up, properly position all his loveys and made me turn his light off. As I figured, this lasted all of 2 minutes, then he was on to something else.

To be completely honest, I'm not in a rush for this transition. I've been putting even starting it off because really, the crib is just a lot easier. I can put him in there and know that he's safe until I get him back out again. If it takes him awhile to fall asleep he has a more limited amount of things to distract him from eventually napping. And did I mention that he has to stay in there until I get him out?! (I have a friend whose 2-year-old is in a big girl bed, but doesn't realize she's free to roam and thinks she can't get out on her own--how I wish this were the case for Joshua, but no, it took him all of 2 minutes to realize it was FREEDOM!)

So, I'll keep you posted on how it's going. For all you veteran moms out there, any tips for how to make the transition smoother? I'm fine with 2 beds in the room for now, but don't want them both in there indefinitely.

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Rebecca said...

your kid are oh so cute and adorable! back when we were living in wyoming liberty started climbing out of her crib, so we took off the rail. for a while at bed times she would get up and play and sometimes we would find her sleeping on the floor, but we just let it happen. her room was safe and the door was closed (she couldn't open it). eventually she started going to sleep pretty much right away in her bed. anyway...not sure if that helps or not. enjoy your week!