Saturday, June 7, 2008


These past few weeks have brought several achievements for the kids. Nothing earth shattering, but still it's always fun to watch them grow and become more accomplished!

Lydia is five months old tomorrow and the days, weeks, and months continue to fly. She's reached the big event of starting "solid" foods this past week. What a messy happening given the relatively small amounts of milk and seemingly harmless rice cereal flakes! She made some confused faces at the beginning, but now just a couple of days later she opens her mouth like a champ and is quickly frustrated if she doesn't think you're re-filling the spoon fast enough. Joshua was so excited that Lydia could finally eat "real food" and loved helping me make the baby cereal. (Here are some pictures from her first cereal feeding.)

Finger Licking Good!

Joshua is continuing to work on potty training and had a couple very successful days this week. We had a nearly dry day on Wednesday (one accident and one completely missed event in the diaper) but he went all by himself and there were no hassles. I've been surprised by his potty-training preferences. I'd been prepared for a toddler who refused to go in any potty but his own and who I constantly had to remind and coax to try. However, now that he's realized that nearly every place we go (stores, friends houses, church) has a bathroom he prefers to try a new one. Also, he refuses to go when prompted, but more often that not he tells me he needs to go and he's almost always right. I also thought "big kid" underwear were supposed to be a motivating factor, but instead he is staunchly opposed to the idea of undies (he only wants to wear an "undie diaper" pull-up.) I have no idea however when we might be officially done with the process, my emotions regarding the subject swing like a pendulum depending on the day, and some days it is just too much to attempt!

Nothing much is new with James and I, we're just trying to get ready for a week-long trip that begins on Friday and takes us back to see both sides of the family the following week, ending with the wedding of James' brother Justin (Joshua is the ringbearer).


Rebecca said...

oh the first solids...always sad for me! but exciting, too! what a beautiful girl lydia is! and how cool to be potty training (which i'm sure is also sad at teh same time)! i'm looking forward to the day when libbs is ready for that. your pics are great. joshua is adorable.

also, thanks for the encouragement with the moving thing! we've lived away from family before, but haven't had to move away from them when a child is so attached. i appreciate you!

Julie said...

My goodness your kids are getting big Liz! I can't wait to see you all this next week. I hope the trip goes well! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by Good Stuff Maynard ;)
So glad to a new person on board with the recipe ideas!! I'll get you set up this morning just as soon as you send me your e-mail address so I can add you as an author. I've added an e-mail address to the blog's page you can use to contact me with that information ;)

Rebecca said...

thanks, liz! how's everything going with you guys?