Monday, July 28, 2008

Loving the Park

Yesterday we went to a new park that we hadn't been to before. It is a very interesting park with a lot of different kinds of play sets that I haven't ever seen before - it is definitely geared towards older kids, but it still has a couple of traditional park pieces.

This is the first of the traditional - a smaller slide for the younger ones.

And then there are the traditional swings...

From there, things get more interesting. They have "Pirate Nets" to climb on

A climbing wall

A ridiculously dangerous looking slide (It's a little bit more safe than it looks, but not much). I tried it once and felt like I was going to fall off the whole time. Needless to say, we kept a very close eye on Joshua if he wanted to go on the slide. Whenever I wasn't taking pictures, that is.

There was also a corkscrew that they could climb up on - but it spins as well! Joshua had lots of fun getting dizzy.

And, they had a climbing obstacle course. I think it makes for a really interesting picture :)
Finally, just because it's a great picture, here is Liz & Lydia

So, if anyone is interested in a park date to a really funky park, let us know! It located right here by Epic.


Rebecca said...

wow, that looks like a FUN park! and you took some great pictures! love the one of you and lydia. your kids are so cute!

Dan and Angie said...

Thanks guys, I'm sure we'll figure out what the problem is soon...I'm seeing a cardiologist next week so hopefully he can give us some answers. Great pics! It looks like your family is really making the most of the great weather. I hope you're able to fit in plenty more fun outings while summer still lingers :)

Julie said...

Liz, you're so pretty! And I see you in Lydia's face too!

Rebecca said...

thanks, liz! i guess i am pretty used to the moving now, but this should be our last BIG move :). the girls and i are flying out on aug 30, and jonathan will drive out shortly after that. i can't wait...i know time is going to crawl by. hope you're enjoying your week!