Thursday, September 11, 2008

Watch them grow, but don't blink or you'll miss it...

We went to pick apples the other day, which has become something of a fall tradition for us. We usually make 2-3 trips to the orchard throughout the fall and enjoy lots of fresh apples for eating, as well as lots of yummy baked goods, and home-canned applesauce throughout the winter. Joshua remembers last year's apple picking fondly, and he's been asking everytime he eats an apple all summer when we can pick apples again. It's quite hard to explain to a two year old who's in the process of eating an apple that there are no apples available to pick!

My kids have had a nasty cold all week, and by midweek we were suffering from cabin fever from being inside--however, where can you take your under-the-weather-kids that you're not going to run the risk of making a lot of other people sick in the process? With the perfect weather I decided on the apple orchard, much to Joshua's delight. So, the kids and my younger brother (visiting this week from MI, yay!) picked apples while I took pictures.

While snapping pictures, I realized this was one of the few things we have photos of Joshua doing each year. I can't believe it's his third season in the apple orchard already--and it's crazy to look at the pictures of Joshua from last year and think that Lydia will be that big next fall. I thought you might like to see some shots from previous years, in addition to the pictures from this week.

Anyway, the weather and the changing seasons have me a bit nostalgic today--where does time go?

Joshua, Fall 2006Look how tall I am, Mom!

Yum, Yum!
Content to sit and munch

Joshua, Fall 2007

No wagon this year, I can do it "by self"

"So, Big" (And, I realize, the only year he's facing forward)

Lydia and Joshua, Fall 2008

My newest apple baby (no, I didn't really let her eat a whole apple)

Look at him grow...

Back to the wagon, now pulling it himself

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Rebecca said...

time sure flies! such precious pictures, liz!