Sunday, October 5, 2008

A day in our life, as seen by a two-year old

Joshua loves to take pictures. He'd love it if we let him use our nicer camera--but he knows we have rules about that. He always reminds me that "Gigi lets me take pictures" but that "only Mommy and Daddy touch ours."(DSLR) He does on occasion get to use our point-and-shoot that we use for take-along, event type picture taking and he enjoys it to no end. He'd probably take pictures all day, every-day if we let him. Perhaps he has a career in photography in his future...or as you see in the pictures, maybe not! :)

I love how focused he is when he's taking pictures!

He's gotten a lot better at keeping the lens free of fingers, but sometimes in still creeps in.

Heads are optional, as you can see. :)


kristin noel said...

I'm not sure I take pictures as well as Joshua even now! Have you ever seen those Fisher-Price "digital" cameras for kids. I'm not wild about flashy blinky stuff, but it's an actually camera that you use a USB cable to transfer the photos, but it's kid-proof (i.e. you can drop it). They are pretty fun. :-)

Rebecca said...

that is so fun! joshua is a good little photographer.

yes, liberty is excited about her new baby sister. i'm excited b/c she's older now and much more interested in the baby. she knows the baby's name and everything. and she shows a lot of interest in other babies, so i'm so excited!