Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our Princess, On Her Throne

Lydia is obsessed, seriously! I feel like she spends about oh, one day, mastering a skill and it's on to the next. She's defintely our little miss Independence. The world better watch out because here she comes. Currently, she loves sitting on the potty. For the record, I'm not even interested in trying to potty train her, I don't think there's any use for at least another 6 months, and in all reality probably more like 18. However, that fact does not in the least diminish her enthusiasm. Every time she's in the bathroom she begs to sit on the potty. If she doesn't think you're getting the message she goes to the side of the toilet, reaches down and picks up the jr. potty seat and tries to lift the lid to place it on the rim. She then proceeds to sit there for several minutes and look around like she's the coolest thing since, well, ever. As you can see from the pictures it doesn't matter one bit to her whether she's clothed or unclothed, and she's never had any "successes" but you better not deprive her of her right ahem, opportunity to have a turn! She's also very into her toothbrush. Again, not that she really has need of a toothbrush. She'll be 11 months old tomorrow and still doesn't have even a single tooth poking through--but you know, that's no reason to miss out on toothbrushing fun. Basically, anything that Joshua does, Lydia wants to do too.
A final indicator of how our little princess thinks she is almost-1 going on 3: Yesterday James was watching Lydia while I was running errands and Joshua was napping. He had her on the main level with him and turned around to pick something up and found her on her way down the 4-stair drop to the family room STANDING UP. So, apparently she's decided she's way too cool for going-down-backwards-on-her-knees, she's now on to the oh so safe walking down the stairs. This truly makes me uneasy, but she's pretty resilient and when she tumbles, trips, or otherwise fails at whatever she's trying to accomplish she picks herself up and tries again. And really, who can resist this face!
Look out my fellow Americans when Election 2044 rolls around, this one has spunk!
And, just because it's cute--here's a picture of Joshua all snuggled up right after his nap and his new haircut. Also a bonus, finally a picture that is horizontally oriented. We seem to have almost all vertical shots these days, they just seem to capture action better!


kristin noel said...

I love these shots! What a cutie! I can only imagine how she'll feel when Joshua can drive and she can't. :-)

Rebecca said...

what a great post! love the pictures. sounds like lydia is quite the character! she's adorable! and joshua's haircut is so cute!