Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Here's a quick recap of our last week. Nothing is really big enough for a whole post, but it's been awhile, so we'll catch you up.

Since my last post we:

*Enjoyed having my mom and grandma in town last Tuesday through Saturday. It was my grandma's first out-of-state excursion since her stroke last fall and she did quite well. The kids love having family around and all the extra attention it brings and showing off their new as well, so it was a good combination. My mom was a big help with the gardening/landscaping as we had perennials to split at the old house and I didn't really have a clue to go about it!

*Went strawberry picking for Father's Day. There's not a whole lot that James loves more than fresh-picked fruit and the rest of us feel similarly. We spent an hour or so in the patch and ended up with 15lbs of perfectly sun-ripened berries. (Well, most of them were perfectly ripe, Joshua had a bit of trouble determining which ones were "red-enough" at the beginning--probably doesn't help that he thinks the green ones taste good too...) We've since enjoyed shortcake, lots plain, and made a couple batches of jam. Yum!

*We're starting to get art/photos on our walls, giving it a much more personal look. There's a lot more to do, but it's a start.

*With an afternoon of focused work in our garage, we're now able to park both cars inside. It's a less-impressive feat when you realize we have a three-stall garage, but it's an achievement none the less.

*We got the old house officially listed on the MLS this week and have our first showings set-up. If you know anyone looking to buy a perfect first-home, send them the link. If not, you can just be thinking of us as we start this process. It's a bit unnerving to realize it's mostly out of your control and you just have to hurry up and wait. But, we feel good about our listing and we'll see where it goes.

*We're trying to stay cool, Southern Wisconsin has gotten caught in a mid-west heat wave. So, we're looking at temperatures approaching or above 90 degrees for most of the next week. It's supposed to cool just in time for our trip up to the shores of Lake Superior to spend the 4th with James' family at his parent's new home. Could we keep the heat wave there and lose it here?

*Lydia has insisted that it's time to start potty training. I don't have high hopes, but she's telling me just before or right after she's wet and has had a number of on-potty successes over the past week as well as being VERY verbal about it. I'd love for her to be done, but if she's not really old enough to have it click, I have plenty to do without spending my days mopping accidents up--so I wish I knew how to proceed.

*On the mopping up accidents front, I've really been struggling with Joshua's attitude/behavior/listening skills this week. Is/has anyone else having/had a similar issue with your own three year old? I'm badly needing someone to tell me this is normal! He's defiant, blatantly disobedient, and for the past week or so he's been having accidents, lots of them. He's been potty-trained for a year now and it's been 9-10 months since we've had accidents of any sort. We've had both types this week and I'm pretty much at the end of my rope. Nothing seems to be wrong, he just seems to be really lazy about going, and not listening to the cues.

*Between one potty training child, and one who seems to be un-potty-training (is that a real thing?) I feel like my washing machine/dryer are ALWAYS running. As in constantly. And I'm spending all day doing laundry, so my dishes don't get done. And, and, and. It's a domino effect that basically makes me feel that I'm living in a pig-pen. One unplanned chore/errand and any of the rest of the things I get done during the day are taking up time I'd planned for another. Any energy we have at the end of the day is mostly spent at the other house doing various projects. And my poor husband has two lawns to maintain in this weather...

Ok, I'll be done with my rant now. I'm sure it will all feel more under control soon. I'm very, very blessed--but does anyone else forget to remember their blessings under a pile of housework? I know I do at times like this week!


Anonymous said...

I have no advice for you, because Madeline is the same way as Joshua right now. She is developing a major attitude, and this morning she told me she "didn't want to eat the freaking crackers." Where in the world she learned that word, and the context in which to use it from is beyond me. I'm wondering if she overheard it in VBS since she has been doing that all week? It makes me seriously worry what in the world she is going to pick up at preschool in the fall. All I know is she has been having lots of times outs where I have to explain to her that she is a sassy little girl! Fun times!


Rebecca said...

we are having similar issues wiht liberty. it's not fun. but a friend did suggest a book, "to train up a child." really good and had some good ideas. at least, we are really enjoying it and learning a lot. but still having lots of trouble with liberty as we try to work with her.

sounds like you've had a really nice week besides that. love the pics!

momma susi said...

Sorry to hear the little ones are giving you fits ... not to fear ... their father was much the same (and their uncles!) ... always said "terrible twos" is a misnomer ... 3s worse every time! You're a great mom and they'll get thru it ... and it will be stories to hold over them when they start ragging you about something when they grow up (not that my kids would EVER do that!)

can't wait to see you guys ...

The Scott Household said...

I worked with four year olds this past year (a year older than Joshua, but hang on with me for a moment) and one of my little boys and one of my little girls, both of whom had been potty trained since they were little ones, started wetting. Hardcore. And the girl started having bowel movements in her pants as well. *sigh* Both moms were panicked and both took the kids to the doctors...
Both kids were going through stress. The little boy had just moved into a new house when he started. The doctor said that little boys often handle stress by urinating (and this little boy was doing it mostly at nap time.)
The little girl had been uprooted from her home in Indiana and put into a new home, new school literally overnight. Again, stress.

I'm only telling you this out of suggestion...take it as you want. I don't know anything about kids potty training other than what I witnessed at work, so maybe this helps a bit?
Maybe this a sign of dealing with the move? Just a thought..... :)

Rebecca said...

hello again! i was in a traveling choir with her..Teens for Christ (TFC's). that's how i met her.:)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes little children remind me of horses, too smart for their own good. I work as a nanny, and one of my three-year-olds is very very strong willed. But when she puts her formidable will against mine, I let her think she's winning until she finds out she didn't get her way at all. For instance, she wanted me to read her a book that I had never heard of, and had no idea how appropriate it was. I scanned through it, and instantly deduced it wasn't something for her ears. But since I said, "no" she of course insisted it be the only book she could have read to her. So I just told her, "fine, you can read that book. You read it to yourself, and I will read another one to myself." She happily opened the book, and quickly realized she had no idea how to read it. So, she then settled for another, more age appropriate story to be read out loud. I don't know if that helps any, but, your not alone in your struggle to maintain sanity when stubborn three-year-olds are about.

Adam and Erin Turner said...


Most likely it is the transition from the least that is a common thing for kids to express their stress/anxiety in that way. This too will pass...unfortunately all you can do is back track a little and help him to feel secure and confident in his behavior and his potty training.

As far as house cleaning, I know that Heidi used to have someone who helped her out twice a month...maybe talk to her and see if that would be an option for you guys.

Talk to you soon...we'll be praying for you!


The Zimmerman's said...

Great pictures! Did you use manual focus or another technique?

James said...

For the "Joshua holding a strawberry" picture, I had to manually focus it to focus on his hand & strawberry. I think the other pictures were an automatic focus though.

Stephanie said...

Yay! A new blog to read! :)

I totally hear you on the blessings being buried under housework. And sometimes? The blessing (having these beautiful children) is buried under the blessing itself. (the child.) :)

I'm sure Joshua will be back to normal soon. I feel like a total slacker because Ruby is past 3 and still not totally trained. sigh. She is a stubborn one.

Oh, and dig & save is on South Park Street...not far off of the beltline, on your left. (if you're heading towards downtown.) It is super dirty and you actually have to DIG for stuff but it is all priced per pound and you can find some amazing treasures. :) Let me know if you go!

Anita said...
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Anita said...

Cecily was completely trained right at two -- I think at 15 months she was so regimented about #2 she would almost always do it if I sat her on the potty at the right time. All that to say, Lydia could well be ready. You'll figure out quick if she's not!
I second the "three is worse than two" comment. Sorry -- I'm sure that's not what you want to hear right now!
Thanks for the cute pictures and the updates!