Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Smaller, Bigger, or the Same?

Yesterday I had on an outfit I remembered wearing in one of the few belly shots I have from my pregnancy with Lydia. I also realized that the pictures were taken within a week of the same point in the pregancy also, so I thought it would be interesting to compare.
At least for me I feel the particular shirt I'm wearing makes the bump look different sizes, so it's hard to compare unless you've controlled for that variable. ;-)

Anyway, what do you guys think, how does the size compare? Bigger this time, or last?

The first picture is me pregnant with Lydia at 30ish weeks. The second is pregnant with baby #3 at 31 weeks exactly.

P.S. Please ignore the "just woke up" look in the current picture...it's true, but not so flattering!


Rebecca said...

you look great, liz! the comparison pic is fun. i think your belly now looks like it's sticking out a bit more than with lydia :)

Steve and Paula said...

I think you're carrying differently. This time your bump seems to be more evenly spread but with Lydia you looked like you carried high and straight out. I can't remember - did you find out the sex and are you sharing if you did? :) Btw, I'm a bit jealous of how good you look when you're pregnant! I always felt like a blimp!

Cheryl said...

How fun! I didn't know you had a blog . . I do too. :) www.LetsCountBlessings.blogspot.com
Anyway . . . I think you look a little less "puffy" this pregnancy. (not that you looked bad before!!) I also think that you are carrying differently. Your belly seems to be a different shape. Are you having a boy this time?
I'll keep reading your blog to find out. :)
You look great, btw.

Anita said...

Hmmm... exactly the same?

Angie said...

Very similar! But yeah, I'd say you're carrying a bit differently.

Renee Zook said...

I feel much bigger carrying #3, like my abs have given up. Don't worry, you can get your six pack back post baby.

Jen said...

i'd say pretty similiar. ;) and i agree with the carrying differently this time around... :) if you want my expert opinion ;)

when are you due again?

kristin noel said...

Definitely different! Your belly has more of a slope than a round bump look. Can't believe you are already 31 weeks! Can't wait to meet the newest Slager!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Lydia looked higher up, although it's hard to tell if the size is different. That might be a good thing...this baby is further down and going to come early :)