Monday, January 7, 2008

Less than 24 hours!

We're all in a flurry here in the Slager household, we'll see how this blogging thing goes, but if I can stay on top of it, it should be a good way to get updates to everyone with our rapidly growing household!
Baby #2 is supposed to put in his/her appearance sometime tomorrow! We're scheduled to be induced at 11:30 unless baby can't wait that long. We're excited and anxious to meet this little one, it seems like we've been waiting a long time!
Joshua's bouncing off the walls with anticipation (at least for now) and this morning started pushing on my tummy and announcing he was going to "help baby come out"--well, I don't know about that little man, but I appreciate the sentiment. :-) We're hoping the transition from star of the show to sharing the spotlight will be as smooth as possible for him. He's also excited about turning 2 on Thursday and is already looking forward to opening the presents he found stashed away when we were setting up the baby's room.
Everything looked good at the appointment today, and the doctor says everything is just waiting for a final little push, I'm already nearly 5cm and effaced nearly completely, so hopefully labor will move along once we get it started!
I think that's about it for us for now, check back and we'll put up pictures and information as soon as we have more!

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