Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lydia Elise

She's here!!! We went in to the hospital around 7 on Monday evening, and Lydia just missed putting in her appearance that day, settling for 12:29 on Tuesday the 8th. After a smooth, albeit quick and intense labor she weighed in at 8lbs. 1oz. and was 20" long.

Joshua got to come in the next morning and meet his "siter" and seemed quite happy and excited to finally meet "baby Wee-wee-uh"--I'm sure it seems to him that he's been waiting forever!

Today (Wednesday) we came home around 3pm and are now adjusting fully to being a family of four. Joshua seems to be doing quite well at this point, although his two solutions to everything are either that Lydia should go "night-night" in her bed or swing (even if she's eating, having a diaper change, etc.) so that all the attention can be switched to him, or he announces that she is "heaby" and should be immediately put down--again usually so whichever parent is paying attention to her can make him the focus.

Lydia is nursing well, sleeping lots, and filling up diapers as fast as we can change them and in general endearing herself to us all. She seems to have her days and nights mixed up right now, so we'll all hope for some sleep tonight and more of her bright eyes tomorrow.

Joshua's birthday is tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be rested enough to help make it special for him! We're just glad he didn't actually get a sister for his birthday and that we can be home to enjoy it.

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