Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick-or-Treat 2008

Whew! How did it get to be November already? Sorry for the long blogging absence--I'd give some great reason about all the things we've had going or how we've been sick or any of a number of things that are true--except none of those are the reason I haven't writting sooner. Quite simply, I just haven't gotten it done. That seems to be a problem with a lot of things these days, on the nice days I want to be outside enjoying it all and on the gloomy days, I totally and completely lack motivation. So, there you have it...complete honesty.

Whatever the reason I haven't been blogging, it's certainly not because I have no material for posts. Quite a bit has been happening around our house these past couple of weeks. Joshua has been asking for months (since Easter really) when it would be trick-or-treat time. We've pacified him by letting him try on his costume and telling him that once the leaves all fall down it will be time again. So, imagine his delight last week when we told him Friday was the day!

He didn't even have to wait all the way until Friday, for on Thursday we had a little halloween party with the moms and kids from my small group from my mommies group (similar to MOPS, but through our church). He had tons of fun being in costume and painting mini-pumpkins with the rest of the kiddos and if anything was even more stoked for actual trick-or-treating.

Friday dawned bright, sunny, and WARM. :) It's been in the mid 40's to low 50's for much of the latter half of October, so 65 felt balmy. So much nicer than last year when his nose was dripping and hands were freezing as we walked through the neigborhood. From the second Joshua woke up he was asking if it was time yet, and even though he knew it wouldn't be time until after his nap he could barely settle down to sleep because of his great excitement. So, when he woke up we ate an early dinner then headed out for some serious trick-or-treating action. After going to some houses on our street we met some friends in their neighborhood and Joshua and two of his best buddies (as well as their little siblings) walked around for the next hour and a half or so. What a big difference from last year. They all did their own walking the whole time, they walked up to doors and knocked, said "trick-0r-treat" and "thank-you" and navigated back to their waiting parents all in a polite and orderly fashion. It was really cute to watch their excitement

However, as exciting as Friday was, and despite the fact that we have way more candy in the house than we'll ever allow him to eat, it's left our little man wanting more. He's asked at least once a day to go again, and everytime he sees a house with the porch light on he wants to stop and ask "for a treat."

Lydia took her first Halloween all in stride. She loved to be part of the action and didn't seem to mind being in costume at all, even though she's usually really opposed to hats. She rode in the stroller and looked all grown-up holding her own pumpkin bucket for the most part. She's not old enough to really get the idea, but watching Joshua with all the candy made her realize it must be something good. She's now obsessed with picking up suckers and putting them in her mouth wrappers and all. She thinks we're really mean parents to prevent her from actually eating them and let's us know quite vocally how she feels about the injustice of the matter. She thinks whatever big-brother does she should do also.

But enough about our trick of treat experience, here are the pictures you were all reading through my post to find! ;-) Without further ado, here are Elmo and Mommy's little lamb, and also a beautiful bumblebee. (Joshua received a costume from each set of grandparents for his first halloween, so Lydia was born with what every girl wants, wardrobe choices...so it was a bumblebee for the party and a lamb for trick or treating.)

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