Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Where does time go? Why is it that when you're waiting for something it seems to crawl, but when you're trying to savor the moments it goes way too fast. I can hardly believe I'm writing this, for it seems just days ago that I was a VERY pregnant girl starting this blog to keep you all posted on the arrival of our new baby.

Well, that "new" baby officially joined the ranks of the walking this past weekend! Lydia's been taking steps for several weeks now and will walk quite long distances if you hold just one hand, however, as of Saturday she's now walking between us and across rooms, not just the occasional step to an item just out of her reach.
She is sooooo proud of herself and so are James and I. By far the most fun to watch, however, is Joshua. He's become a little coach all of a sudden and he's always close by to clap for her, encourage her, and in general make a big deal when she attempts something new. It makes me smile inside everytime no matter how stressful the day when I see them interacting kindly.

There are a lot of less than encouraging moments when raising babies and toddlers, but nothing can prepare you for how precious it is to see those little people you created and care for expressing their love for each other. I'm also amazed that seeing your kid acheive never gets old. The pride is new each and every time, no matter if you knew it was coming or not. The excitement I'm filled with over Lydia's first steps is the same as that for Joshua's--though not as fresh as Joshua's over seeing Lydia walk. I think if I had 100 kids I'd be just as in awe over how quickly they grow and change and what individuals they are.
So, my baby becomes less like a baby everyday and I just want to hold on to the moments because I know if I blink she'll be climbing, chatting, and heading off to school...

Here are some pictures and video of her new skill. Sorry for the really short video, we had to use our camera since we lost the upload cable for the videocamera and when we started taping she decided she wasn't in the mood to walk anymore, so they're less impressive than her actual skills.

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