Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We're still here

It's been awhile I see. Funny, it doesn't really seem that long ago that I posted, but the date belies my sentiment! I guess we've been accomplishing a lot, but it seems like we're kind of in the in between. We can't move, but we can't really continue here with life as normal either.

So, we've been trying to do as much of both as possible. Our storage space is nearly packed full, chores to get/keep this house ready for sale are approaching completion, and we're making plans for where everything will go in the new house, etc. We met with the banker yesterday to go over closing documents and I purchased our new homeowners insurance policy. So, we're definitely moving in the direction of actually taking possession of the new place every day.

But, kids have a way of making sure you live in the present. They wake up everyday and insist on as close as possible to the same routines. They need love, care, and attention, no matter what else is going on and meeting their needs keeps us in today pretty well too. So, we're moving along a fine line of staying the same on the surface, but knowing a big change is coming right around the corner.
I'm starting to anticipate and wonder how the kids will really do with the move. Right now Joshua is super-excited about the whole idea and Lydia's clueless, but when it comes time to leave this house behind I'm not sure how that will affect them.

As of Monday we'll be homeowners...of two houses...something I never really wanted to be, but always knew in the back of my mind we'd probably have to be since we're moving with two little kiddos who make it near-impossible to get a house show ready while they're occupying it. However, as we get closer to that point, I've started to have the doubts that I think are pretty common. Did we make the right decision to buy before this house sold? How long will it take to get the right buyer? And of course, should we try to sell it on our own for a bit, or should we cave and get a realtor right away in hopes of significantly shortening the time we own the place?
I don't have answers to these question and it's bringing out my control issues and worrier side. I know it will all resolve itself in the end and that there's probably not any right or wrong answers to a couple of the questions. I'm even quite sure that for us, buying while we had the ability to look as long as we liked and find exactly what we wanted was the right choice. Neither of us are really snap-decision geared people and both would have disliked "having" to buy something just because closing was approaching on this place. So, we wait...
Anyway, not the most interesting post, but I mostly needed to corral my thoughts for myself if no one else. :) Thanks for "listening."

On a less pensive note, my two youngest brothers are here this week and we've really been enjoying the time with them. One bonus to moving is that we should get to see a lot of family in the coming weeks! :)

Other random notes from the last week:
We got our planters filled, and I'm quite happy with the results, I've never really done container plantings before and I thought they turned out quite well!
And, while we were visiting the construction site at James' employer to sate the big vehicles need of our three year old, I was playing with the settings on our camera with MckMama's tips from this post (and failing miserably, you'll note) but I got a picture I love! Worth it... :)

(If you get this in a feed, sorry for the multiple takes...I was watching (corralling) both kids while I wrote and didn't have much chance for a focused proofread, so had to edit for sense a couple of times...)


kristin noel said...

We've been wondering how the move and all were going for you guys. Thanks for the update! Guess we'll have to head your way in the near future to see the new homestead. Exciting! You're in our prayers as you transition.

Rebecca said...

that picture is very cool! praying for you guys with the house situation/transition.

jenandjorden said...

I hope your move goes well. It was crazy when we moved with just one last summer - but at 20 months Molly transitioned great. Hopefully Lydia does well for you, too. :)