Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Shots behind "the Shot"

All of this:

(My favorite of the "outtakes", I actually love this one, it's so our life right now!)

All for these:


Merry Christmas Everyone!


kristin noel said...

I love Lydia's face in picture #2 of the outtakes. Adorable family photo! Merry Christmas to all of you!

The Kampers said...

how fun to see all the bloppers!

melanie said...

those are all GREAT pictures! :D

Rebecca said...

love your pictures. it's so crazy trying to get "good" photos with these crazy kids!! ;)

Joylynn said...

I love these pictures! I prefer ones actually that show people (adults and children) in their multi-faceted personality. Smiling, crying, angry, pouting, silly, etc...:)

Christine said...

reminds me of the pictures we tried taking last year for the Happy Birthday Jesus party. I'm almost to December 2008 in my scrapbooking. That page will be done soon (hopefully).