Friday, January 8, 2010


My baby girl is two-years-old today! Wow, where did the time go? I started this blog to let far-flung family and friends know of her arrival here, and if you've been following along for awhile the rest, as they say, is history.
To my baby girl on her birthday, January 8th, 2010:
Lydia Elise, you make me smile each and every morning when I go in to get you up and I'm still smiling when I put you to bed in the evening.
You're so sweet and sensitive and no matter what mood I'm in I can't help but feel warm and fuzzy inside when you give me a hug or climb on my lap and cuddle.
Somtimes I miss the snuggles of you as a baby, and now I treasure those rare baby moments more, but I love watching you grow and I wouldn't trade for your babyhood back for anything.
This has been a big year for you, I don't even realize how much until I stop to look at pictures and ponder. Running, jumping, potty-training, big-girl bed sleeping, growing, your little personality has just bloomed and bloomed!
You're such a caring "mommy" for your baby-dolls and it warms my heart to seeing you show them such nurture and concern, because I know that means your daddy and I are doing a good job of showing you how much we love you and your brother and that you feel it as well.
I love walking into a room to find you singing a song at the top of your lungs, usually just a tiny bit off-key and missing just a few words, but more precious than anything I could imagine. Hearing you sing the lullabies we've sung to you brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.
Your energy, love of life, and enthusiasm for whatever we're doing is contagious. Your vocabulary is growing by the day and yet you still have the charm of a tiny talker. I will miss when you lose the last of your "baby" words and you don't ask me to "hold-jer me" when you want to be picked up.
And yet, I look forward to all the changes I know this upcoming year will bring. I used to think that I would dread the "terrible-twos" and yet, I know that most of it should be labeled the "teachable-twos" for the learning and growth that takes place is astounding and I'm glad I'm your mommy and get to watch it take place and play a little part in making you the person you are becoming.
Baby Girl, I love you more and more each day and I'm so blessed and thankful that you're ours!
Happy 2nd Birthday!


kristin noel said...

Happy Birthday Lydia! Your mommy forgot to add that you are an excellent puzzle helper! :-)

Joylynn said...

Happy 2nd birthday to you Lydia!

Rebecca said...

aww..a beautiful post. lydia is adorable! hard to believe how fast times goes!

Christine said...

Look how much they've grown since last year!