Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On our Bookshelf

We've been reading this book ALOT recently! Lydia in particular loves everything about it. It's cutely written in a rhyme-y but not annoying fashion, which is also a bonus since Joshua can't get enough of rhyming these days.
It's about a kitten who is having a bad day because she's just too enthusiastic as she tries to help her mama, and of course her eagerness results in more, not less work for her mom.
I love the ending especially because it so accurately describes how I feel most days:
Mama runs to Calico...
"Mama, do you think I'm bad?
Mama smiles. "I'm not mad. Why, you are good as good can be--a blessing every day to me!
You'll make mistakes, but dearest, know...I'll always love you Calico!"
While my kids are not fictional, and thereby not always 'as good as good can be', they definitely are a blessing and usually good and trying to help, so I hope I can always communicate my great love for them instead of annoyance when things go wrong, though in the moment it's harder than it sounds!

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kristin noel said...

Try Karma Wilson's Bear Snores On... it's a great pre-k book to introduce various vocab, it rhymes, and is perfect for this time of year! I even have a worksheet if you want to introduce Joshua to the bar graphs. :-) Sorry, my inner teacher is showing.