Monday, March 8, 2010

Kid Pics...

A few shots from our recent trip back to Hastings. The kids LOVED hanging out with their cousin, Liam, and some of the pics are just too cute. Although, it is nearly impossible to get three little kids all looking pleasantly at one person at one time. And, when all three of the photo subjects are mobile and in love with cameras some funny antics ensue!
Somehow the camera didn't come out until the last couple of days, so missing are pics from the GR children's museum and dinner with my college roomate "Aunt" Cathy, and playdate with Paula (including a really sweet hug between Joshua and her little girl, Ella...too cute!). I also got to sneak out early one morning sans-kids and have a coffee-date with college/blogger friend, Liz and hear about her family's upcoming adventures!
So refreshing to catch up with old friends!!! :)

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The Kampers said...

so good to spend some time with you this week! Glad to hear you made it home all safe and sound! Have a great day!