Monday, March 15, 2010

Lincoln Log Abraham

Joshua loves coins: big coins, small coins, foreign coins, old coins and new coins. He loves collecting them, giving them away, finding them, sorting them, trading them, and trying to find extra chores he can do to get more.

His current fascination is with the "Life of Lincoln" series of pennies. (Mostly because they're really shiny!)
I honestly don't remember having a conversation with him about the scenes depicted on the back, but either I've forgotten or someone else must have done so because he seems to get what's going on.

Tonight he told me that his favorite coin is 'Lincoln-Log Abraham Learns to Read'. Yep you read that right, "Lincoln-Log Abraham"! Puts a whole new take on history, huh? That little man cracks me up!

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kristin noel said...

Too precious! I don't think I'll ever view Lincoln Logs the same again!