Friday, February 22, 2008

100% Parents

Ok, so I realized again yesterday how becoming parents has completely changed every aspect of our lives--including our social life! We had friends over last night and there are five kiddos between the three couples. So what did we do the whole evening? Well, we did the talking and eating that we would have done before kids, but the bulk of the evening was spent watching the three toddlers play "hide and seek" and, upon request, hiding for them to find us or "finding" them. Furthermore it seemed completely comfortable and normal to have a conversation around toddler interruptions, breastfeeding, and building towers! And truly, if our kids hadn't been there we would probably have spent the majority of the time talking about our kids and their funny actions/activities anyway. My life would be so dull without my kids in it!

Last weekend we had Lydia dedicated and Gigi and Poppa (James' parents) were able to come and be there for that and spend the weekend, so Joshua was super excited. He also knows that he'll be the star of many pictures when they're in town, and would repeatedly ask both to have his picture taken and to take pictures. Since the camera James' mom uses is a higher end model than our little pocket digital camera it is equipped with a neck strap, and since Joshua is not the most gentle, she requires that he use it when "taking pictures." Well, apparently he thought that applied to all cameras, yesterday he came to me with our camera to take pictures, and he'd placed the wrist strap around his neck! Ooops...You've got to love how two year olds see all things as universally applicable. I'm not quite sure how he got it on, since I almost had to cut it to get it off!

Otherwise, the past couple of weeks have been pretty "normal." We've spent alot of time just trying to catch back up with things that took a sideline during those first few weeks after Lydia's birth. I've been trying to sort through and organize Joshua's closet, since it's been the catch-all for things I didn't have a place for when they came in the house--but it's taken much longer than I anticipated given that I'm constantly getting interrupted to read books, get a snack/juice, or take care of Lydia. I also realized after starting that I couldn't do it during my usual "powercleaning" time (read: naptime) since it's in Joshua's room! Oh well, maybe over the weekend it'll get done with Daddy around to help out.
(The photo on an unusual angle showcases Joshua's photo skills--pretty good, except for the tilt--but I guess that's kind of artsy)


Dan and Angie said...

Lol, too late for the bread, we actually managed to eat the whole loaf by now...what can I say, we really like homemade bread! I must say Joshua's "artsy" photography skills are quite advanced for his tender age!

suz said...

nice to see you're continuing to adjust ... you do have a precious family ... story about the "neck" strap is priceless