Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Did It!

Ok, I'm way too excited about this, but here's my big achievement for the day (week, month, year?). For me, it's somewhat akin to that first pointless trip you make "on your own" after getting your drivers license--it's not really anything special, but it seems like it at the time!
I went to the grocery store AND Target by myself with both kids today! I got all but one thing I planned on, and the only thing I purchased that I did not plan to was an apple. Why did I buy the apple? Well, by the time I noticed it was in our cart it was missing two little bites out of the side and in the hands of a way-too-cute offender. :-)
Speaking of that little guy, he was perfect--well, almost. He sat in the cart the whole time and didn't beg constantly to get down, didn't mess with his sister, and helped hand me the groceries and even tried to scan them for me! (Yes, I did bribe him with snacks, but I've long-ago gotten over my "bad-mommy" guilt about that one when it comes to shopping trips.)
Lydia slept most of the time and contently looked around the rest of the time, no screaming, fussing, or other impossible to soothe while keeping her in the seat moments.
As an extra bonus, I found some really great deals in Target, and Joshua actually let me look at a couple of things for myself without any complaints (that hasn't happened since he learned to talk).
So, all-in-all, I'm declaring it a personal success. Small, yes, but since I've been worried about managing two while out-and-about on my own, I'll take it!


kristin said...

Liz...CONGRATULATIONS! Not having kids I can't completely understand this accomplishment, however, I know one day I will. :-)

Joylynn said...

Hooray! I think that a celebration is definitely in order for such a successful shopping trip:)