Saturday, February 2, 2008


Our family added another new member today--no wait, this one isn't human, or close to it. It's a fish. A red Betta to be exact. Why is his name Michael? Don't ask, we don't have any idea, but since Joshua's other suggestion for a name was "marker" we decided to go with it.

Anyway, the past couple of weeks have been busy trying to regain some sense of "normal." Things are going as well as can be expected. Joshua's busy as usual, chatting up a storm and coming up with all sorts of new activities, usually requiring more energy than I have! Joshua thinks it's quite a fun treat to have his little sister join him in the tub, and if he had his way she'd do so every night--she seems to think it's not so bad herself, but I don't think she'd enjoy having that many baths.

Lydia's losing that newborn look and moving into the alert baby stage. She's awake more of the day and much more interested in her surroundings while awake. She's still napping quite well, but sure that there's no place like mommy's arms--which makes keeping up with Joshua more of a challenge.

James is back to work, full-time this week, which makes me a full-time caretaker of two, something that unnerves me a bit. After one attempt at the store with both kids that ended with all of us nearly in tears, I think I may find that only evening outings happen for awhile! :-)

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Carol Wilson said...

Gorgeous photos! (Welcome to Michael. How fun.)

Lydia is so beautiful, and Joshua is so handsome. Not to mention smart, etc.

Love to you all.