Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lydia's Latest Language Leaps

Ok, here's my updates on Lydia's new words for my own personal record. James and I have been telling each other that this has to be one of our favorite kid stages we've experienced so far. Each and every day she learns new things and daily we get to see her own little person emerge. We're trying to enjoy all of it, but she's a spirited one so it means new challenges as well.

But, onto the new words:

"Gup", cup

"Baba", bottle

"Paba", paci/pacifier

"Papa", Grandpa Slager (Papa is what Joshua has called him since he started talking. although he said Gigi first, now they're even I suppose. :)

"Ma", more

"Daa-da", Dolly

"Dog-og", Doggy

"Beek-boo-boo", Peek-a-boo

"Bnk", Blankie

"isshh" or "shishy", Fish/fishy

"shdoo", shoe

"Ki-ki", Michael (Joshua's fish)

"Du-dee", Ducky

She also 'roars' when she sees a picture of a lion and tried to make a funny blowing/trumpeting sound (like Daddy always does) when she sees pictures of elephant or stuffed elephants, etc.

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kristin noel said...

"Ki-ki" My brother couldn't pronounce my name when I was little and he called me Kiki. Must be one of the first sounds that kids put together. Thanks for sharing! A fun thing to read on a grey Friday morning!