Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nothing Notable

I always dream of having a witty post, or a nostalgic or emotionally meaningful one, but my life doesn't seem to be much like that these days. We're still here, trying to hang in there through the rest of winter, which seems to be hanging on and refusing to leave.
The kids are doing well, growing and changing and learning new things as usual. I'm continually amazed by how much they learn even over short periods of time.

My Little Monkeys

I think I'm in a rut, both with writing and just in general. I'm feeling a yearning for something fun, new, and a bit routine shaking--but not really sure what. I think mostly I'm just starting to have a case of cabin fever and the winter blues all rolled into one... I just need to keep reminding myself that March is less than a week away, and to cherish each day for the unique, special time with my kids that it is. Even when I feel like my life is stalled in slow, I know they'll be different even tomorrow and I don't want to miss that!

Thirteen Months

Here are a few pictures of the kids from the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!


The Kampers said...

love the smuching one! So cute! Hang in there...summer is on it's way...I just know it!

gig said...

love the pics ... love the family! sure do miss you guys! hope you can enjoy our new house when we get one ... you guys are definitely on our mind as we choose! much love!!!

Christene said...

I wish I'd found you folks sooner in blog-land! Better late-than-never, and gosh, the kids couldn't be cuter!!

Jeremy said...

Hey Liz! Haha....well, I'm not going to lie....I LOVE writing "Julie Slager".....I'm like a school girl with a crush ;-) Any "unofficial" documents are fair game to practice my new signature! I figured the general public may worry about him if there was no news for a few weeks....and my life has been mainly routine...not much to write about...all of which motivated me to update Jeremy's blog. I enjoy having the inside scoop ;-).

I enjoy reading your blog. My mind has been pretty occupied by thoughts of marriage and's been even more meaningful to hear all of your real life stories. I love it! Jeremy and I are definitely hoping to make a trip to Madison this summer to see you guys! We'll have to discuss dates as summer gets closer. I love you all! Give the kids hugs and kiss for me!

Jeremy said...

Oooopss..I'm still in his profile. Haha....oh well.