Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Very Hungry Caterpillar

I'm assuming almost all of you reading have also read Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Many of you have probably read it more times than you care to count. As a teenager it was one of my favorite books to read while babysitting, now that I'm a mom I don't really have to read it per se, just turn the pages at the appropriate spots, for it is all but committed to memory!

Anyway, over the past few weeks Joshua has acquired a voracious appetite that seemingly can't be satisfied. He is barely finished eating when he wants to eat again! I'm assuming this is just a growth spurt, but many days he is eating more than I am--I expected this when we approached the teenage years, but at three? I'm running out of idea for what to feed him that is both nutritious and varied!

So, without further ado, I present to you yesterday's food consumed list, very hungry caterpillar style.
On Wednesday My very hungry Caterpillar ate through:
-One glass of chocolate milk
-One gummy vitamin
-One banana
-One bowl of cereal
-One piece of string cheese
-One serving of whole grain crackers
-One serving cheese cubes
-Three fish sticks (I think, these might have been Tuesday...)
-One glass of (secretly) watered down berry juice
-One handful of almonds
-One apple
-One graham cracker
-One bowl of chicken tortilla soup
-Two cookies
-One tube of yogurt
-One bowlful of grapes
-One cheese quesadilla
-One slice turkey breast
-One peach
-One handful crackers (again!)

Yeah, for real! I'm pretty sure at this pace my little caterpillar won't be a little caterpillar anymore either, but so far he shows no sign of not being hungry anymore. :)


kristin noel said...

I love it! We're doing a major weed of the fiction and I just today pulled all the Eric Carle books to see which ones we need to toss and replace. I think my K-2 kids eat through the library books the way Joshua is consuming food. :-)

Rebecca said...

that's pretty amazing...he's a growing boy. what a cutie!!!