Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just an update

There hasn't been much new or exciting happening here the past couple of weeks, but they've seemed very busy so the combination has led to a long gap between posts. So, I still don't have much that is newsworthy, but I didn't want to go for weeks without writing or I figured it would go the way of a New Year's resolution...
We've been hoping that spring would hasten it's arrival, both Mommy and Joshua are completely DONE with winter! Joshua's making a list of all the things he plans to do when "snow all gone." This includes everything from writing with chalk outside to grilling his hot dog. :-) I'm looking forward to being able to go to the park, play in the yard, and have a larger space to absorb the sound of my son's constant and often demanding conversations. :-) On Monday, we went with friends to an indoor soccer type field containing all sorts of balls, mini-trampolines, and most importantly a large open space to run! It was a pleasant break from the usual and a reminder of the beauty of spring/summer/fall!
Lydia of course knows nothing besides winter, so she's happily content with whatever. Her new "skill" is mastering a sling with mommy--we've gotten quite good with it, and boy is it nice to have two free hands. :-) She's two months old now and becoming more charming each day. I love getting her up in the morning because she's full of smiles and you just can't help but start smiling with her! Lydia's continued to sleep quite well which also helps put mommy in a good mood in the morning. She enjoys sitting where she can see what's going on around her and unless she's hungry or tired can amuse herself for quite awhile just watching her big brother (who never stops moving except when he's asleep).
We're traveling for Easter, so hopefully the kids do well--it's always unnerving to start out on a 400 mile trip not knowing how it will go, and having two only increases that feeling! Maybe they'll both decide to be angels or sleep the whole way. Probably not, but hey, a mom can hope right?

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