Friday, March 28, 2008

Recent Pictures

Spring seems closer everyday. Spring/Summer activities too are starting up. We're beginning a storytime at the local library next week and both Joshua and I are looking forward to being able to walk there. :-) Almost all of our snow is gone, and now Joshua has decided to miss it. He insists on wearing his boots everywhere, not a bad idea in March, I guess, excepting the fact that they're snow boots, not rain boots.
I'm also starting to anticipate spring projects--pondering what color to paint the kitchen and how to decorate Lydia's room for starters. I'd also like to work on some landscaping, but I've not done any before, so it will be a learning experience!

Here are the promised pictures from our trip the week of Easter, a day late, but all-in-all not too bad.
Precious Sleeping Baby

Happy Family of Four (Joshua insisted that I couldn't hold both him and Lydia for this picture, so if she looks a bit awkwardly positioned, that's why.)

Hunting Easter Eggs

Extremely Focused on the Mobile (this keeps her happy for a LONG time)

"Are we done yet?"

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kristin said...

Hey Liz (and James!)... I love the Egg hunt picture. It's such a staple of childhood. Also, thanks for the e-mail. I made it! Now we're just crossing our fingers that we hear from Epic this week.