Sunday, March 2, 2008


We've been dragging a bit the past few days--it seems the kids can communicate already and are planning their parent's demise. Lol. OK, that's a bit dramatic, but Lydia has been up late keeping us from getting to sleep in a timely manner and Joshua seems to find the need to wake with the sun, so the nights have been somewhat short. Background given, stage set for the last night:

I woke up at 6am this morning wide-awake--then I realized that Lydia was still sleeping, so I hadn't woken up to her fussing. In fact, I hadn't woken up with her at all--she'd just slept through the night!!!! If was funny, because we'd been noting yesterday that Joshua had has first whole night of sleep within a week of Lydia's current age. We'd "mentioned" to her that she only had a few days to keep up with the big bro, so perhaps they're competitive already too! ;-)

Given the aforementioned Joshua-sleeping-through-the-night feat we're very aware that this is probably just a step on the way to sleeping through the night regularly. He did it at this age, then only sporadically until probably eight or nine months. So while I'd love to think this will be a regular occurence, I am experienced enough to realize that's probably wishful thinking. But, even if it was just a rarity, I'll take it, a good night's sleep is worth a lot. :-)

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kristin said...

Yippee! My mother tells me I didn't sleep through the night until about 6 months. Apparently, I was a confused baby. Funny because now I fall asleep shortly after the sun goes down.

Hey... I'd love to teach you to knit! It's so much fun and a great thing to do while you're waiting (think down the road at music lessons, athletic practices, etc.). It's also my way of decompressing after a long day.