Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Snowmen!

As most (if not all) of you reading this know, my kiddos have their birthdays just two days apart. So, last Thursday Lydia turned one, and on Saturday Joshua celebrated number three. Most of the time it seems impossible to believe that they're that old already, yet I can't really fully remember my life before kids!
In addition to being close together on the calendar, the kids birthdays are also really close to the holidays and it becomes difficult (or impossible) for our families to join us for a celebration here in Wisconsin around the actual birthdays, so we usually celebrate with them when we see them for Christmas.
So, by the time the kids' party rolled around on Saturday, Lydia was quite the seasoned veteran of the singing and candle-blowing routine. I'm continually amazed by how rapidly connections are forming for her these days and usually amused in the process. For instance, whenever she sees cake or cupcakes (or objects that resemble them) she's coined her own "baby sign" and quickly starts making a blowing noise she used to put out her candle!
Joshua, of course, fully understands all that birthdays entail a bit more, so each day since Christmas he's been asking us how many days until his birthday. He was SO excited to have a party with all of his friends, and talked about it for days before it actually happened. He helped pick out items to put into treat bags and also helped me assemble them. He had imput on the food served and dreamed about what might come in his presents. Before having kids I had no idea that three year olds were such interactive, aware, and opinionated little people!
Saturday, the big day FINALLY rolled around and we were joined by quite a few of our closest friends to celebrate with the kids. Snowmen were the theme and I was quite pleased with how their cake turned out. I always see these great (and supposedly easy to re-create) cakes on parenting magazine websites, etc. and yet when I've tried them in the past, they've turned out poorly. So, I was pleasantly surprised at how true-to-plan this one went together. :) Also a bonus, this close to Christmast time you can get a great deal on snowman themed partywear, too! I could write more, but I have a feeling that most of my readership was either at one of the family celebrations or at the party itself, so I'll just go ahead and post some pictures of my favorite new 1 and 3 year olds!

Busy little artists creating snowman masterpieces

Joshua and some friends in the 'snowcave'

So Excited!

Apparently the idea that the cradle is for the baby-doll is lost on her

Getting ready to frosting coat Aunt Laura

Blowing out the candles at Gigi and Poppas

Getting ready to frosting coat Aunt Angie

Helping Uncle Matt decorate the cake at Marmie and Gramps'


kristin noel said...

God Bless you for hosting a birthday party for both your kiddos. Honestly, that is one of the things that terrifies me the most... PARTIES! I don't have the patience or creative ideas to do anything even close to you! Amazing cake by an AMAZING MOM! Maybe when that time comes, I'll just fly you in for the weekend. What do you think?

Andrea said...

Great party idea! I love snowmen and the cake looks awesome.

Thanks for sharing the pics too. I'm glad to have a connection to your life, old friend!

Rebecca said...

such a cute theme for a party, those snowmen. great job on the cake! isn't it crazy how fast they grow?! the pics are great..joshua and lydia are adorable!