Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Baby Girl, the Chatterbox

Lydia is so expressive these days. She's just such a little girl all of a sudden. I'm missing my baby, but so excited to see her little personality emerge. She's had a language explosion over the past couple of weeks, so I thought I'd post them here and hopefully have a record of the cute new words, instead of forgetting them like I told myself I never would and promptly did with Joshua!


"Baw" (Ball)


"Ot" (Hot)

"Gup" (Cup)

"Bom" (Boom)

"Boo-poo" (Poo-Poo)

"Mo" (More)

"A Dun" (All Done)

"Dad-dee" (Daddy)


"Sha-Sha" (Joshua)


"Kaka" (Cracker)

"Wuv-oo" (Love you)

"Dat" or "Dat-un" (That or That one)


"Ni-ni" (good-night or nurse)

"Bee" (baby)

"Ba" (bath)

"Woh-Woh" (Hello, hello-- said when she finds anything that is or resembles a phone)

"Na-Na" (Banana)

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