Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekly Menus

Ok, so I've been doing this the past few weeks and it's amazing how much time/stress it's saved to just pick dinner entrees ahead of time. There have been several days I just haven't felt like making what was on the menu, and that's fine with me, I like to think I'm spontaneous at times. However, not having to try to think something up starting at 3pm has been well worth it.

Today while browsing recipes, I found a link to this blog carnival. So I figured, why not, I'll participate. Besides, I could win a cool prize off of Etsy. Man, I love Etsy! (On an Etsy note, stay tuned, both of our moms have shoppes on Etsy, so I'm contemplating some type of post/giveaway, etc. that would feature them)

Anyway, without further ado, here's my meal plan:
(Sorry the recipes don't link yet, this week most of my recipes are from Eating Well magazine, so I can't link them. Maybe if I get a lot of time I'll check their site and see if they're online as well. If something looks really good, leave me a comment, or email me and I'll pass the recipe along.)

Monday: Marinated Steak with Balsamic-Red Wine Reduction, cheesy mashed potatoes, asian green beans and Creamy almond cheesecake. (We had a kid-free dinner! yay!)

Tuesday: Chicken Tortilla Soup

Wednesday: Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Pasta

Thursday: Leftover Night

Friday: MuShu Tofu

Saturday: Roasted Chicken Quesadillas

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