Monday, January 19, 2009

No More Pacis?

We're in the midst of trying to end Joshua's three-year love affair with his pacifier. It's not exactly going well. He's OK with the idea of being done with a paci, but when it comes to bedtime or when he falls down, etc. it's another story.
So, we've used a tip I received way back when and stored for future use: cut the tip off the paci nipple and it won't have the same soothing sucking feel. Well, this is probably true, but it doesn't seem to put him off in the least. (Probably because I don't think he uses it for sucking really at all, just for the comfort of having it in his mouth.
Furthermore, when he doesn't have his paci he's started putting his hand/fingers in his mouth and chewing/biting on them--at times leaving lasting marks or cuts by the time he's finished.
So, I guess my questions are these: Should I even care that he still has a pacifier? He's only three, certainly big enough to give it up, but not embarrassingly old. If I do take it away, any ideas on how to make the transition easier? Truly, I'm scared of taking them away cold-turkey, especially after recently talking to a friend with a daughter very close to Joshua's age who "took" her little girl's thumb "away" and promptly started having bedtime battles and a daughter who has refused to nap for going on a month now!
If you have any wisdom in this area, I'm all ears. I don't want to do anything cruel and I'm opposed to lying to him about it, but beyond that I'm open to just about anything.


Joe said...

It's probably the stress of living through the last 3 years of a failed Bush presidency. I'm sure he'll start to perk up once The One has been inaugurated. Unfortuately, it may take him a year or two to feel comfortable and confident that the new order won't disappear overnight in a rush of rethuglican jackboots.

Once that happens, he'll discard the paci and his traumatic memories.

Or, to put it differently, I wouldn't worry too much. He'll outgrow it soon enough.

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Liz said...

Wow Joe! I'm still laughing, although I'm not sure it contained much helpful advice...;-)

Hope to see you guys and your girls soon. :)